Kelly Kay – The Road Warrioress

August 26th, 2014

The Road Warrioress

The Road Warrioress

Picture this: in a desolate, Apocalyptic landscape, you come across a metal hatch in the middle of the bombed-out wasteland, You open the door, climb down the steel rungs, and find yourself in a sparse bunker, nothing but concrete, some tin boxes, and a motley cot. From the shadows emerges a goddess clad in PVC. She has some questions for you. You’re only too happy to answer, provided you can concentrate on anything other than her generous breasts. Or, don’t picture any of this, just jack to KK in her outrageously sexy outfit. Either way…enjoy!

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Daylene Rio – Daylene’s Day At Haulover Beach

August 25th, 2014

Daylene’s Day At Haulover Beach

Daylene's Day At Haulover Beach

Daylene Rio rode the SCORE mobile to the famous “clothing-optional” section of Haulover Beach north of Miami Beach–widely recognized as the best nude beach in the States. While the crowds who spend the day at Haulover tend to have a laissez-faire attitude, some people couldn’t help but ogle Daylene whether she wore her bikini or was totally nude. It wasn’t her nakedness. It was her spectacular body! Even the beachgoers at Haulover were not prepared to see a famous SCORE Girl. You could go to any nude beach in the world every day for a year and probably never see any woman as built as Daylene. If you ever do, tell her about

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Mallory Starr – Flexible as Fuck

August 25th, 2014

Flexible as Fuck

Flexible as Fuck

Mallory is only 5 feet tall and weighs 100 pounds, but she packs a lot of sexiness into that tiny frame. Check out how flexible she is, too. She starts out this video by stretching her limber thighs, touching her pussy to the ground while doing splits. Her guy obviously wants to see what she can do naked, so he gets her to strip down to panties and a bra. He’s a fuckin’ genius. Soon she’s pulling her white panties into her sopping wet pussy, getting them absolutely soaked. It doesn’t take long before she’s fingering herself to a nice, loud orgasm. Good things come in small packages, right?

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Amerie Thomas – Chillaxing

August 24th, 2014



This set has two parts. Amerie Thomas at a park in town and taking a shower. The last few photos were taken while she was being made up for an XLGirls shoot.

“I played soccer and volleyball in high school but now I just watch sports,” says Amerie. “I am a huge Golden State Warriors fan. I play fantasy football but I don’t have one favorite team. My favorite baseball team would have to be the New York Mets. (Amerie lives in New York City.)

When I go bra shopping, I try and buy pretty bras for when I’m just relaxing at home. For my modeling or all-day bras, I order online. Stores usually don’t carry my size (36G).”

Growing up, Amerie worked at an Orange Julius in a mall. “That job was a lot of fun. It didn’t feel like a job at all. All of my friends worked in the mall too. I had the biggest boobs out of all of them.” Nothing beats fresh squeezed.

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